My Testimony as a sinner on the road to Damascus

My Testimony as a sinner on the road to Damascus before I met Jesus the King of Kings and Lord of all Lords!

My Testimony as a sinner on the road to DamascusI was like many young people, I started out early in life feeling good about myself and wanted to take on the world. I was very young when I began experimenting with alcohol and sex. It went back as far as elementary school. During high school I started hanging out with a gang of (6 to 8) guys drinking, smoking and getting into fights. After high school I went into the military and had the opportunity of traveling twice half way around the world . My travel included all of Europe, Caribbean, West Indies and practically all of the United States.

After I got out of the military, I wanted to fulfill the American dream like many others. I was very fortunate to get great jobs working for prominent companies, and was very good at whatever I did. I always tried to be the best. Of course I continued my lifestyle of partying after work at disco nightclubs with alcohol, fast cars, women, sex and occasional drugs. Man, I was a party animal if there ever was one!

Later I became a little tired of running the streets and decided I needed a change. So I later got married and stopped running the streets. I went back to school and got my degree (Deans List) from San Francisco State University. Still I would go to nightclubs after work and party at home on weekends. I had nice homes in upper class neighborhoods and drove expensive cars however, I still felt empty.

Eventually I went in to business for myself. I opened two music records and tapes stores, and never handled so much money in my life. Still I was reaching for something that would make me truly happy, but wasn’t sure what it was.

A couple of years later I lost my businesses and later my marriage ended in a divorce.

I then got a job with a giant computer company (Atari) and made very good money. I thought that as long as I had a good job I would get back where I once was. I was doing great at the time, with an apartment in a high-class neighborhood, and starting to save money. About three years later, the company laid off most of its workforce, and I was also included.

It was then that I felt overwhelmed by much of what had happened in my life. You have to remember, I had traveled the world over, and experienced just about everything in life. Living on the high side, and now this. I felt very tired, also tired of what I had no control over. It felt like I was carrying the whole world on my shoulders.

I started to think about the guy I had met on the previous job. How he had talked to me about being Born Again. I was a Catholic at the time, and didn’t know what in the world he was talking about. But I remembered him telling me his testimony, and how Jesus turned his life around. He told me that he really needed help and bad!! He had been a drug dealer, user, and often spent time in jail. It was his last time in jail, that he asked Jesus to come into his life. If you saw him, you would never think that he had ever did anything bad. He always had a smile, and a certain peace about himself, a super nice guy. Never saw him become upset, and everyone seemed to like him. Some knew him before he became a Christian, when he was a bad person, now a different person altogether.

So then, I began to listen to religious programs on the radio. All of them seem to say the same thing, that this guy had said, “You have to be Born Again”. I was willing to give this a try, since I had tried everything else in life. So I did, I said the sinner’s prayer. I am here to tell you that, my life was instantly changed before my eyes! My life has never been the same, and this is for the good. Oh! How I wish I had received Jesus long ago. At that time I was smoking a pack and a half of cigarettes, drinking at least a six pack of beer a day after work, cursing like a sailor, fornicating, and committing adultery.

I had done these things much of my life. But that same week, Jesus took away the smoking, drinking, cursing, fornication and adultery. He not only took these things away, He took away the desire from me, for these things. Twenty-five years later, and I still have no desire for any of them, and never felt better in my life. This is real, once you meet Jesus, your life will never be the same! To put the icing on the cake, Jesus has given me a new family, homes, cars, and all the things I once lost when I followed the way of the world.

Please believe me, God will do the same thing for you, all you have to do is call out to Him, as I did. Only one thing, you have to mean it in your heart! If you go all the way with Him, He will go further with you! Please ask Jesus into your heart today! Just think you will also have eternal life with Him. This means you will never die! Best of all you won’t have to blow yourself up or Kill anyone else to receive all of this. You get it all now and later!

God Bless you!… Jesus Loves you! And we do also.

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