Intercessory Pray

Please join us by praying for the needs below as part of your daily prayer devotion The prayer list below is for world affairs outside of our personal prayer needs! Frequent changes to this list are always being made

1. The peace of Israel and Jerusalem, that God will protect them and their land!

2. The President and leaders in the White House, that the Lord would touch and transform their lives

3. Pray for our US economy the jobless and homeless.

4. The American Troops, and our Allies of War in various countries around the world, and their families.

5. All Born Again Christian Pastors, Preachers, Teachers, and Evangelist around the world.

6. Christians around the world who are being persecuted for their belief in Jesus Christ and Christianity, especially in the Middle East.

7. For the lives of our American youth, their protection and pressures from the gangs and drugs.

8. Against the growing violence in our cities around the United States.

9. Against the violence and immorality on TV and the movies.

10.Christian Marriages around the world.

11.Children held as sex slaves in the US and around the world.

12.Born Again Christians behind bars in prisons in the US and other countries.

13.Pray for the people in our neighborhoods and communities.

14.Pray for Homeschooling protection in America.

15.Revival in America, college campuses and public schools..